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My wife loves the camera, would you like to see the views I get?
204 days ago
Kinky Paradise is an accessible, open and welcoming party and especially for the novice kinky people a good start. To get partying at Kinky Paradise you do not need not to be very active with erotici…
469 days ago
Partycentrum Players, Lelystad, Netherlands
480 days ago
This is to all who will register with a yahoo! e-mail account.If you do have to use a yahoo! e-mail account to register, check your spam box after regsitration.There you will find the confirmation e-mails.
579 days ago
607 days ago
Black and Whites
664 days ago
It has come to my attention that there was a problem with the birthdate field and Google Chrome. Google Chrome visitors and members of the site were not able to add to or edit the birthdate field. It has all been resolved and should work as expected. If however you have tried to add to or edit the…
719 days ago
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"We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community."

Dorothy Day

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This concerns all new members! Please be advised that as long as you have not confirmed your application for membership, your account will not be activated. You can confirm your application by clicking on the confirmation link in the confirmation e-mail that has been sent to the e-mail address you filled in the join form.
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Last night we upgraded our software to make it even more intuitive to use. Hope you will like it even more than the previous version. 2 things I want to mention especially as they will attract your attention almost immediately. a. The look and feel is a default one and as it purely cosmetic it will be replaced by a more appealing very soon. b. The avatars have been lost in the process. I do apologize for that. And as it will take everyone less time to reselect their avatar instead of me trying to recreate them for you all, I ask you to do just that. Thanks.
742 days ago
Hello All, If you don't receive an email with a confirmation link when you register, please do notify so I can manually confirm your membership request until this problem is fixed. Thanks.
753 days ago
ABPPM wishes all members a great New Years EVE and a VERY HAPPY HEALTHY and SEXY NEW YEAR!!
755 days ago
Merry Christmas! Everyone!
761 days ago
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